New Committee!

After last night’s AGM we have a new committe for the next academic year! Congratulations to the following for being elected:

President: Kristin Vestermark
Treasurer: Matt Worsdale
Secretary: Rosie Pearce

Thanks to all who turned up, and we wish all the new committee members good luck in their roles!


Fossil Free Online Campaign Petition





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Green Action Fossil Free Campaign


Green Action’s Fossil Free Campaign

Dear reader,

If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage, right?

Climate Change is a real and present danger to our generation. Every year now, more cities are flooded, wildfires rage out of control, droughts force millions to migrate, the ice caps melt at a more alarming rate than our scientists ever predicted.

Whilst there is little the international  community can agree on with regards to how to stop climate change, they agree on one thing; if we exceed a 2ºC increase in global temperatures we will see catastrophic global effects. The fossil fuel industry is unequivocally driving us towards a global climate crisis: we will not keep dangerous climate change at bat without halting our extraction of fossil fuels.  

UK universities are deeply entangled in the fossil fuel industry. They currently invest up to £6.6 billion in the industry depending on the university, with money from their pension funds and endowments. That’s an investment in fossil fuels of £1,804 for every student in the UK. Not only are universities financially supporting the fossil fuel industry, they are giving it a social licence. Universities are meant to be a bastion of forward thinking and life changing research in our society. Therefore, to invest in fossil fuels goes completely against this in every way. It is not just financial investments; too many UK universities also support the fossil fuel industry directly through their research and their partnerships with some of the biggest fossil fuel companies in the world like Shell and BP.

Southampton Green Action society’s fossil free campaign involves raising awareness that the University of Southampton invests in the fossil fuel industry and building student support on campus. The fossil free campaign aims to sever all the links between the fossil fuel industry and universities through a divestment movement, moving money away from fossil fuel industries. We also need universities to start supporting a clean energy future and investing in and researching renewable energy sources.

On Thursday 13th February Southampton Green Action will be conducting the Fossil Free campaign on campus, outside the Southampton University’s Student’s Union. We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping out with the campaign, through raising student awareness. If you are unable to volunteer, why not come and show your support for the campaign by meeting us on the concourse and speak to one of our volunteers to find out more.

To find out more contact:

Fracking and Renewable Energy Workshop

Green Action’s second event for the year will be a Fracking and Renewable Energy Workshop.
It will be taking place this Monday 7th at 19:00pm in the Nuffield Theatre (06) Room 1083 and will involve a short talk and presentation on Fracking and the associated risks it poses to us in the UK. We aim to raise awareness of the energy and climate issue for those not so familiar.
It will be a fun and an interesting discussion based workshop which would get everyone involved by talking and thinking about the energy crisis in the UK and how we can build a future on renewable energy rather than dirty fossil fuel energy!
So come along and share your ideas- this will also be a great way to learn each other’s views, and build for the year.

Welcome Fresher’s to Southampton Green Action 2013-14!

Welcome fresher’s for this academic year of Southampton Green Action 2013-2014! We’ve got lots of exciting events, campaigns and projects to get involved in over this coming year, so you don’t want to miss out! The first of which is a ‘Welcome Evening’ with an Exclusive Guest Speaker from the People and Planet Organisation and a truly unique performance by Greenbeats – A cycle powered sound system providing music throughout the evening. So join us and let us introduce you to Southampton Green Action, on the Monday 30th September. We will be meeting outside the Student’s Union (opposite Stag’s Head pub on Highfield Campus outside building 42. Map: at 7:30pm and we will lead people there to the Green Action room. Don’t worry if you haven’t met us before or don’t know where to go we’ll show you where to go! Join our group on Facebook to receive all the latest updates just go to

Environmental Rock 2013

This coming bank holiday Monday is Environmental Rock 2013, the yearly green festival we help organise at The Hobbit where local green groups and businesses mingle with the public with a background of local musicians, veggie food, organic drinks and a huge raffle! Doors open at 12pm with the main day lasting until 6pm (after which the music carries on until late) – suggested entry donation of £1.

It’s officially a Green Action social, so it would be great if lots of you came along to enjoy the day (Green Action will be sharing a stall with SUCV and SAPAM under the SU EnviroSocs banner). We’re also looking for volunteers to help the day happen smoothly, so if you feel like helping out in return for free entry, a free raffle ticket and a free t-shirt (if you’re one of the first 20 to volunteer) than get in touch!

Green Action has a new committee for 2013/14!


After last night’s AGM we have a new committe for the next academic year! Congratulations to the following for being voted in:

President: Tom Hicks
Treasurer: Adele Wratten
Secretary: Matt Worsdale


Publicity: Matt & Amy Edwards
Campaigns: Matt & Tom
Socials: Amy Edwards
City group liaison: John Preston
Food Co-op: Rachael Avery & Amy Nicholass

Thanks to all who turned up, and we wish all the new committee members good luck in their roles!

If you’d like to read the official minutes of the meeting then read on:

Green Action AGM2013 (23/4/13) minutes:

Present: 14 members (David A. McKay, Rachael Avery, Tom Devine, Paul Kiddle, Chris Stow, John Preston, Sai On Lewis Tang, Joe Tait, Michael Cutter, Amy Edwards, Amy Nicholass, Matt Worsdale, Tom Hick, Adele Wratter), apologies from 3 (Craig Rye, Sally Jensen, Ben Barton)

  • David A. McKay introduced the AGM as chairperson, explaining the roles available for election and what they involve
  • Questions were received on the past direction and activities of Green Action and the role of Green Action on campus; it was established that Green Action’s role is to promote environmental awareness and campaigning on campus via any way the committee sees fit and that the last year has been quiet for Green Action due to many active members having heavy course workloads
  • Nominations were invited for each position, with each candidate briefly stating what they would do if elected. The results for each position are summarised below: President: John Preston and Tom Hick nominated, Tom elected; Treasurer: Adele Wratten and Matt Worsdale nominated, Adele elected; Secretary: John Preston and Matt Worsdale nominated, Matt elected; Co-ordinators: Amy Edwards nominated for Publicity and Socials, Matt Worsdale nominated for Publicity and Campaigns, Tom Hicks nominated for Campaigns, John Preston nominated to liaise with relevant groups in the City, Rachael Avery and Amy Nicholass were nominated for Food Co-op, all were elected (with some roles shared)
  • Overall the new committe promised in their speeches better publicity and promotion to try and expand awareness of the society on campus (and especially to relevant courses e.g. environmental science students), with support for starting new campaigns and carrying on with local community gardening and the food co-op
  • Paul Kiddle led the Food Co-op GM (minutes to be made available to Food Co-op members on the FC website)
  • The Treasurer’s report was presented, establishing that Green Action has £591.29 in the account (an increase of ~£100 on last year), mostly reflecting Food Co-op membership deposits and surplus and some budget leftover from SUSU 2011/12 allocation (due to the cancellation of a talk). SUSU has allocated us £45 over this last year used for printing and gardening costs
  • A handover and planning meeting between new and old committees was proposed and accepted, to be organised to happen later this term
  • The AGM was closed

An Invitation to run Green Action: AGM, Monday 22nd April

The time has come to prepare for Green Action’s AGM! It’ll be on Monday 22nd April in the Nuffield Building Lecture Theatre C (06/1083) at 8pm (or meet us in The Stag’s Head from half 7), followed by a celebratory social afterwards.

This year there’s going to be a high turnover of current committee members graduating or becoming too busy in their degrees/PhDs to be organisers, so we encourage all of you to consider coming along and taking part to help Green Action carry on.

No previous experience (or even attendance) necessary, just enthusiasm and a desire to continue bringing environmental activism to Southampton university!

The main positions we have to fill are President (overall figurehead and co-ordinator), Treasurer (manages finances) and Secretary (stays on top of admin), with other co-ordinator positions including Publicity (make sure people hear about us), Activism (organise joining in with activism locally and across the country), Events (co-ordinate occassional events e.g. film showings, debates, workshops etc.) and Socials (keep everybody social!).

Positions are flexible and can be edited, but we’ll need at least 3 people taking the main roles to keep SUSU happy.  It would be a shame in this day and age to not be able to fill the positions needed to carry on Green Action as an affilliated society, so even if you haven’t been along before it would be great if you could get involved and help take Green Action in a new direction.

Have a good rest of your Easter break,

The Green Action Team

PowerDown this coming Saturday 24th – 7:30pm, The Art House

This week we’re excited to be putting on our first PowerDown gig of the Academic Year at The Art House this coming Saturday (24th November)!

PowerDown is an occasional unplugged, electricity-free and intimate gig run by Green Action Southampton. The space is lit by candles and all the acts – including Humla (Folk Rock), Skipped (Junk Band), Rich Mandell and Paul Kiddle – perform without amplification.  We’re being hosted by The Art House, who’ll be serving organic/fairtrade food and drink downstairs throughout.

To bag a place check out the website to book your free ticket – there’s limited space (around 40 places) so shotgun your place ASAP!  Tickets are free, but there’ll be a ‘Magic Hat’ being passed round for donations to help keep the not-for-profit Art House open to continue hosting events like ours.  Come along and bring friends and housemates – it should be a great evening!

Elsewhere this week there’s also a lecture by the Campaign Against Climate Change this Thursday, our sister-soc SAPAM are gardening on Saturday at Ropewalk Community Garden and on Sunday students are welcome to hope some locals build up their new community garden in thornhill.

Hope to see lots of you on Saturday,

The Green Action Team

P.s. There’s no official Monday Moot this week as we’re busy preparing for PowerDown (though a few people might end up at Candle Club at The Talking Heads later anyway), but Monday Moots will be back soon!

Get Involved!

Hi everyone,

After having lots of fun at Soctoberfest last week, this Monday we’re getting on with planning some of our up and coming projects and events followed by some chilling to some live music at SUSU!

We’ll be heading over from The Stag’s Head at half 7 to Murray Building Room H (58/1025) [p.s. note we're heading over at half 7 rather than at 8pm!] to discuss upcoming plans (e.g. environmental rock, PowerDown, Food Co-op orders, community gardening etc.) and any new ideas members want to do, before heading over to see our friends in the Junk band Skipped at the SUSU Bridge Bar from 9pm.

If you want to get involved with any of our current projects or want to suggest something new, this is the perfect opportunity to come along and get involved with Green Action!

See you on Monday,

The Green Action team