First Social


We had our first social last night. It was great to see all the support for the Fossil Free Southampton campaign, with everyone wearing their best orange and black outfits.Clowns was our first point of call, where we all met and got to know each other better. We then head off to Jesters to dance the night away. Its was good to see everyone have a good time.

There was also a lot of new faces from Oxfam Society. It was a very successful joint social where we all had great fun celebrating our collaboration with the campaign. We also have a new blog for the campaign which can be found on , where you can keep up with our progress.

Keep an eye out for our next social don’t forget to follow all our pages to avoid missing it. We can’t wait!

Keep spreading the love Green Actioners!

Renewable Energy

We had another successful event yesterday on renewable energy. We had speakers from Hampshire Renewable Energy co-op and West Solent Solar (WSS) ; two organisations who are leading the revolution in renewable energy in the South.

Hampshire Renewable Energy is an organization formed to promote renewable energy projects in Hampshire. They are a cooperative which is invested in by local people, so that members can join up from around the region and together own community stakes in new renewable projects such as wind and solar farms. Learn more about their organisation at

West Solent Solar Cooperative formed last year with the aim of putting communities in control of their local energy supply. This cooperative is part of a national association of UK energy cooperatives, Energy4All, and one of their current projects is a solar park on the outskirts of Lymington. Learn more about this cooperative at

Many topics and ideas were discussed which inspired and encourage many of the attendees. We also had an update on the Fossil Free Southampton campaign which will take off next week with our photo campaign. More information will be provided in the following days about this event, so keep an eye on our other pages.

Stay interested and inspired Green Actioners! :)

Introduction to Fossil Free Campaign

Yesterday, the 4th of November, we had our event where we introduced the Fossil Free campaign that we plan to continue this year from the previous years. The Fossil Free campaign is a global divestment movement calling organisations, institutions and individuals to end their financial investment into fossil fuels industry. For more information on why this is such an urgent issue watch this Do the Math clip by the organisation, where they discuss the effect of fossil fuels to our planet.

Many institutions and groups around the world have been successful with their campaign. Just this October, the University of Glasgow became the first academic institution in Europe to divest from the fossil fuel industry after just 12 months of campaigning. To read more on their success visit .

Let’s aim to be the second academic institution to divest from fossil fuels. But this will require a lot of hard work and help from as many people as possible. We call on you for support by participating in our future events, but for now please like and share our Fossil Free Southampton page at Visit this page for future events and socials where you can get involved in the campaign. We will try to make this as fun as possible which will hopefully invite more people to join the movement.



This photo is taken at the end our meeting. On the background are a few of our ideas to get the campaign going, if you do have more suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the committee by visiting our Fossil Fuel Southampton page.


Fossil Free Campaign


This Tuesday at 7pm, we will be holding our introductory event for the Fossil Free Campaign. We will introduce the issue and discuss possible actions we can take.

To take part visit our Facebook page for more details on .

To learn more about the issue for the time being visit to join the movement online and to read on what others have been doing to Divest from Fossil Fuels.

Join our ow campaign by by signing the petition at and share the campaign to friends and family to increase the awareness of the issue.

So if you believe that it’s wrong to wreck the climate and it’s wrong to make profit from its wreckage, join us in our fight to divest from fossil!

Rice up and Fed Up!

On the 21st of October, we held our second event.

We had a guess speaker from Rice Up Wholefoods Ltd talk about how they run the store and why we should choose ethical, fairly traded and organic goods. For more information visit their website at , follow them on twitter at or visit them in store in the heart of Southampton City Centre.

The second part of our event we showed the movie Fed Up (2002). The film depicts the history of American agriculture and examines the effect of GMO. The film is free to watch on Youtube so check it out at



Our first event, which was held on the 7th of October was on TTIP.

TTIP stands for Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It’s a trade treaty being negotiated between the US and the EU- covering most of Europe. Trade deals are appearing more and more in global politics and they represent a threat to our environment. They are binding agreements between two regions that forces them to give the equal treatment to companies that operate in both- mainly global corporations. This means things like environmental regulations, the worker’s rights in unions, even a minimum wage- all these control how a corporation does business in a country. But now, trade deals like TTIP could replace these national laws. Profit for businesses would come above all else, with countries who passed laws that for example banned mining in an ecologically important region could be sued by the corporations wanting to open the mine. Oil companies could sue a country that made a national law limiting carbon emissions. It’s a very dangerous prospect for all of us who care about not only nature but also our democratic rights.

We had a guess speaker, Linda Kaucher, of the Stop TTIP campaign group based in London. To keep to date with their work, follow them on twitter at .

And for more information on TTIP visit


Additional Committee Members


On our last event, we held an EGM at which further two members were voted in.

Web Manager: Anne Romero

Social Sec: Dominika Slotwinska

Another committee member will be voted in on our next event, which will be on the 4th of November. The role will be as a Publicity Officer, who’s role will primarily be to create a poster for each of our events and stick it up around campus. If you’re interested in running for this position go on our Facebook page at for more information.


More information will be posted on past and present events in the coming days. Stay tuned!

New Committee!

After last night’s AGM we have a new committe for the next academic year! Congratulations to the following for being elected:

President: Kristin Vestermark
Treasurer: Matt Worsdale
Secretary: Rosie Pearce

Thanks to all who turned up, and we wish all the new committee members good luck in their roles!


Fossil Free Online Campaign Petition





Please sign our online petition at:


Like our facebook page at:


Green Action Fossil Free Campaign


Green Action’s Fossil Free Campaign

Dear reader,

If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage, right?

Climate Change is a real and present danger to our generation. Every year now, more cities are flooded, wildfires rage out of control, droughts force millions to migrate, the ice caps melt at a more alarming rate than our scientists ever predicted.

Whilst there is little the international  community can agree on with regards to how to stop climate change, they agree on one thing; if we exceed a 2ºC increase in global temperatures we will see catastrophic global effects. The fossil fuel industry is unequivocally driving us towards a global climate crisis: we will not keep dangerous climate change at bat without halting our extraction of fossil fuels.  

UK universities are deeply entangled in the fossil fuel industry. They currently invest up to £6.6 billion in the industry depending on the university, with money from their pension funds and endowments. That’s an investment in fossil fuels of £1,804 for every student in the UK. Not only are universities financially supporting the fossil fuel industry, they are giving it a social licence. Universities are meant to be a bastion of forward thinking and life changing research in our society. Therefore, to invest in fossil fuels goes completely against this in every way. It is not just financial investments; too many UK universities also support the fossil fuel industry directly through their research and their partnerships with some of the biggest fossil fuel companies in the world like Shell and BP.

Southampton Green Action society’s fossil free campaign involves raising awareness that the University of Southampton invests in the fossil fuel industry and building student support on campus. The fossil free campaign aims to sever all the links between the fossil fuel industry and universities through a divestment movement, moving money away from fossil fuel industries. We also need universities to start supporting a clean energy future and investing in and researching renewable energy sources.

On Thursday 13th February Southampton Green Action will be conducting the Fossil Free campaign on campus, outside the Southampton University’s Student’s Union. We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping out with the campaign, through raising student awareness. If you are unable to volunteer, why not come and show your support for the campaign by meeting us on the concourse and speak to one of our volunteers to find out more.

To find out more contact: