New 2015/16 Committee

After last Tuesday’s AGM we have a new committe for the next academic year! Congratulations to the following for being elected:

President: Jake James-Knell

Treasurer: Mike Allwright

Secretary: Maddie Cava-beale

Publicity officer: Frances Prince

Thanks to all who turned up to the AGM, and we wish all the new committee members good luck in their roles!

We will also be at the Environmental Rock 2015, so if you want to learn more about the society and sustainable living come along on the 25th of May. More information about the event can be found here.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2015



As from the poster above, we will be having our AGM very soon! If you are passionate about the environment and want to get more involved in environmental activism within the University of Southampton, then being part of the Green Action team might be for you.

Check out the positions available below:

President: currently Kristin Vestermark
To summarize, as president you are responsible for the entire society and must oversea all of its activities. You need to be organized and must work closely with the other committee members, such as with the treasurer to keep up to date on the society’s finances, with the secretary to discuss important emails, with the social sec to approve socials, the web manager to oversee the content they post, and assign the publicity officer events to promote. You are also in charge of chairing frequent committee meetings during which as a team you will plan events for the society. It may seem like a lot but you get a lot of help from the committee, and it’s great practice for organizational skills. Lastly, the role also involves liaising with other societies, potentially meeting with academics (mainly to do with the Fossil Free campaign) and people within SUSU…

Treasurer: currently Matt Worsdale
The treasurer is responsible for ensuring the society bank account is in order so that the committee can withdraw money using the debit card and transfer money if required. This includes paying external speakers. Also, for applying for funding from SUSU at the three funding rounds throughout the year, but you won’t need to do this entirely by yourself, you will discuss with the committee, primarily the president over what to apply for.

Secretary: currently Rosie Pearce
Being the Green Action secretary requires checking the emails regularly and responding to them, liaising between external organizations and the committee/group and finding out information that the committee request. You are also in charge of room bookings. “It will build your skills in organization, communication and teamwork. Most of all – its lots of fun!”

Web manager: currently Aj Romero
As web manager you will be in charge of the various social media platforms of the group. This includes Facebook, Twitter and our own Green Action website, which are frequently updated with latest events and other related news. We also have a Fossil Free twitter account and Facebook page that you will manage together with the other Fossil Free team members.

Social Sec: currently Dominika Słotwińska
As social sec you will be responsible for organizing socials for the society, which this year has involved working with social secs in other societies to put on joint socials so people involved in Fossil Free can get to know each other. “Combining two of your favorite things – passion for the environment and partying – makes becoming Social Sec the position for you!”

If you have any questions or just want any encouragement, do not hesitate to contact any of the Green Action members on Facebook. And for more information on the event, click here.

Being part of the committee is a good opportunity to meet passionate people about the environment. You will get the chance to work on your communication skills, team work, networking etc. It’s a great chance to learn and make a difference.

Global Divestment Day


Global Divestment Day was a success, thanks to all of you who supported us!

The Green Action Team made a great effort setting up an amazing stall to attract supporters. And for everyone who came to the Tuesday event, thank you for contributing to the banner! table

We set up in the concourse of the SUSU along with the UoS Marine Conservation Society. The Marine Soc contributed so much to the day. They had an oil spill exhibition and a placard to attract students and staff coming in to the concourse. And it worked!


An oil spill, credit to the UoS Marine Conservation Society



Collecting signatures for the Fossil Free Southampton petition

We collected so many signatures. All it took was the question ‘Do you want to save the planet?’. It was encouraging to see that so many was willing to give a few minutes of their time to listen to the campaign.


Some of the Marine Soc holding the truth!

Did you know that our fees are invested in fossil fuels thus the University of Southampton is funding global warming. Follow the our twitter account for more pictures and happenings on the day.

GDDThank you for all the support. For making the day such a success. Keep spreading the word on the Fossil Free campaign along with the petition.

If you want to learn more about the campaign, or did not get the chance to see us on the day, visit or our Facebook page to get in contact with the team.


Green Action Team

Go Green Week


Hi Green Actioners!

Welcome to a new year! 2015 will sure be a big year for us. There are so many exciting events coming up.

Go Green Week on the 9-15th of February 2015.

go green week

– Tuesday 10th of February :

We will be preparing for Global Divestment Day by creating a banner, which will be used on the day. So if you’re up for some fun arts and crafts we need you! However, if it’s just a relaxing evening you’re looking for, we are showing ‘Do the Maths‘ the movie. Here you can learn more about the #FossilFree campaign and how the movement started.

Biscuits and drinks also included! So bring your friends!


–  Friday 13th of February : Global Divestment Day

gdd-id-pound-orange-on-black Get Involved and meet us on the concourse (entrance of SUSU) throughout the day. Committee members will be available to answer questions and give information on how you can get more involved in the campaign. We will be asking people to sign our petition, but if you can’t wait till then you can sign it now on here. And don’t forget to share it around!

We are also running an art exhibition. Everyone is welcome. We will display any form of art you have to offer. This is a great way to use art as a tool for change. Express your passion for the environment and get involved. More information is on the poster below.




For more information and to get in touch with us just visit Facebook, Twitter or email us on

We hope you are as excited as we are, we hope to see you there and help us make Go Green Week successful!


Thank you,

The Green Action Team


Time to celebrate!


We have reached the end the the term and the end of 2014. It has been a great semester with the new committee members and the new launch of the #FossilFreeSouthampton campaign. We started the semester with guests speakers talking about TTIP,  Rice up and renewable energy. These have been informative events were we learned more about what we can do to contribute to the change that is necessary to protect our planet.

The launch of the Fossil Free campaign started with an introductory talk on what it was about. Learn more about the movement at


It was good to see a number of people interested in the campaign!

Our first event for the campaign was a poster making session, where we created a bunch of letter posters for the photo campaign.  It was good to see new faces for these events. This means the message of the campaign is reaching people.


In our lovely orange jumpsuits, calling the University of Southampton to divest from fossil fuels.


We are making a lot of progress with the campaign and we need to keep this up for 2015. We can really make a difference here in Southampton. Read our new blog post on our Fossil Free Southampton blog, for reasons why students want the university to divest. If you share the passion of these people, please contact us to get involved.


Green Action Love!


All these progress called for a Christmas social! We headed off to Jesters for the night to have fun and celebrate all the success of the first semester of Green Action. We hope to meet more like minded people in the 2015 and enjoy the fun of fighting for our planet.

Get excited as we have loads more planned for the next year!

Have an amazing holidays everyone!



The Green Action Team x

Photo campaign



We had another successful event, thanks to everyone who showed up. Orange was the theme with our very bright orange jumpsuits (as you can see from the photos!). The pictures turned out well, especially with all our lovely posters from the last event. We took a couple of pictures inside and then again outside. These photos will be used throughout our campaign to show unity of students for the #FossilFreeSouthampton campaign.

Keep following us on our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) for future events. We also have a social tomorrow at Jesters to celebrate the success of the new launch of out Fossil Free campaign. For more information visit the event age here. Join us there for some fun and if not, thank you for the support and enjoy the holidays! :)


Green Action Team


Be creative!

PM 1


Creative juices were flowing on our event this Tuesday and glitters, resulting in amazing posters. Thank you to everyone who joined us.

We managed to create individual posters spelling out D-I-V-E-S-T-U-o-S . This will be used for our photo campaign which will take place next week. We need people to join us on this special event to show the rest of the university the group of people that support the #FossilFreeSouthampton campaign. So bring yourselves, friends and anyone else that is interested. We will be in orange jumpsuits to support the orange theme of the campaign, while holding the individual letters. The photo campaign should only take 15 minutes, where we will gather everyone and take a group photo. Please visit our Facebook page for exact information on the event.

This will hopefully be a memorable event, where we can create an impact to the university. We would show them that this is an important issue for a lot of us and action must b taken. We are looking forward for your support.

Lots of love,

The Green Action Team

First Social


We had our first social last night. It was great to see all the support for the Fossil Free Southampton campaign, with everyone wearing their best orange and black outfits.Clowns was our first point of call, where we all met and got to know each other better. We then head off to Jesters to dance the night away. It was good to see everyone have a good time.

There was also a lot of new faces from Oxfam Society. It was a very successful joint social where we all had great fun celebrating our collaboration with the campaign. We also have a new blog for the campaign which can be found on , where you can keep up with our progress.

Keep an eye out for our next social don’t forget to follow all our pages to avoid missing it. We can’t wait!

Keep spreading the love Green Actioners!

Renewable Energy

We had another successful event yesterday on renewable energy. We had speakers from Hampshire Renewable Energy co-op and West Solent Solar (WSS) ; two organisations who are leading the revolution in renewable energy in the South.

Hampshire Renewable Energy is an organization formed to promote renewable energy projects in Hampshire. They are a cooperative which is invested in by local people, so that members can join up from around the region and together own community stakes in new renewable projects such as wind and solar farms. Learn more about their organisation at

West Solent Solar Cooperative formed last year with the aim of putting communities in control of their local energy supply. This cooperative is part of a national association of UK energy cooperatives, Energy4All, and one of their current projects is a solar park on the outskirts of Lymington. Learn more about this cooperative at

Many topics and ideas were discussed which inspired and encourage many of the attendees. We also had an update on the Fossil Free Southampton campaign which will take off next week with our photo campaign. More information will be provided in the following days about this event, so keep an eye on our other pages.

Stay interested and inspired Green Actioners! :)

Introduction to Fossil Free Campaign

Yesterday, the 4th of November, we had our event where we introduced the Fossil Free campaign that we plan to continue this year from the previous years. The Fossil Free campaign is a global divestment movement calling organisations, institutions and individuals to end their financial investment into fossil fuels industry. For more information on why this is such an urgent issue watch this Do the Math clip by the organisation, where they discuss the effect of fossil fuels to our planet.

Many institutions and groups around the world have been successful with their campaign. Just this October, the University of Glasgow became the first academic institution in Europe to divest from the fossil fuel industry after just 12 months of campaigning. To read more on their success visit .

Let’s aim to be the second academic institution to divest from fossil fuels. But this will require a lot of hard work and help from as many people as possible. We call on you for support by participating in our future events, but for now please like and share our Fossil Free Southampton page at Visit this page for future events and socials where you can get involved in the campaign. We will try to make this as fun as possible which will hopefully invite more people to join the movement.



This photo was taken at the end our meeting. On the background were a few of our ideas to get the campaign going, if you do have more suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the committee by visiting our Fossil Fuel Southampton page.